What you should know about our books & boxes

What is Magic Chest?

Magic Chest is a monthly book subscription service that sends out monthly boxes.


What is inside the box?

In each box, you will find a hand-picked hardcover fantasy book and 3-6 other items that fit the theme of the month. We always include fantasy books which have been recently released, and take care to include many handmade, locally sourced and exclusive items.


What types of books can I expect?

In all of our boxes will be fantasy books. Of course, there is rarely a book that fits perfectly into only one genre. This means you will find all kinds of sub-genres of fantasy as well. 


What genres are available for your box?

Currently, only fantasy books.


What does a box cost? What about shipping costs?

There are three different types of boxes you can choose from:


The regular box costs 33,18€, Mini Boxes are available from 17,99€. 

The shipping costs per box for Germany is 4,99€ and for customers from the EU it's 8,99€. International shipping costs may vary.


Can I only buy a box if I'm from the EU or Germany?

No, we ship internationally. If you have questions concerning shipping costs to your country, do not hesitate to contact us.


How long until my box will be delivered?

All of our boxes are sent away between the 25th and 30th of each month. If you're unsure, check the product description and contact us.


What if I own the book already?

We mostly include recently released books, so if you're not buying all the new fantasy books as they're released you probably won't have the book already.


Is there a gift option for my order?

Currently, we're unable to provide you with a gift option. What we can do is to include birthday wishes in a letter. If you are interested, please fill out our Contact Form to get in touch.


I'm a business selling goods which would fit to your box. How can I get my items into a Magic Chest book box?

Thanks for your interest in our boxes! We're always looking for other small businesses and designers to collaborate with! Please use our Contact Form to get in touch.


I'd love to interview you for my blog. Would you be interested in an interview?

We'de be thrilled to do an interview with you. Please sent us your request and maybe a few questions, if you have some already, so we can discuss the how's and when's.


Can I get a free box in exchange for a review?

Thank you for your interest in our boxes. We regularly host searches for social media representatives. If you want to know about those events, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

If you aer a booktuber, please use our contact form to get in touch.


Can I buy from your shop during the Corona Virus?

Due to the current Corona Virus, the postal services do not offer to deliver shipments to the US, Switzerland and other countries. Only paper goods in envelopes can be delivered internationally. For now, we are still shipping at regular rates to Germany and the EU.